Flavors of Thailand

Welcome to Cooking Thai in Chiang Mai

My sister and I love food and especially cooking Thai food. I imagine since you found our web site that you also love the Thai kitchen. We both learned how to cook from our grandmother in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Ayutthaya was the former capital of the former Kingdom of Siam. There are many different varieties of Thai food depending upon the region. But it is widely acknowledged that the true "traditional Siam" cuisine is from Ayutthaya region.
We would like to invite you into our home and help you learn about the Thai kitchen. We specialize in individual instruction so that each person will receive the utmost attention.

The preparation of the food is only part of the experience. You will also take a tour of the local markets to learn about all the different types of meats, vegetables, fruits and to purchase the ingredients for the day. Thailand is truly a cornucopia of food, and it is no wonder that the Thai cuisine is regarded as one of the best.

We certainly are not a big "factory school" where there might be some 15 students per class. We would like you to really learn how to cook Thai food and be able to take the knowledge home with you so you can enjoy Thai food for the rest of your life. We realize that everyone learns at different paces, so each course is designed around you to work on your strengths and weaknesses. Please accept this invitation and we look forward to cooking some great Thai food together!